How I Lost Weight In My Face And Finally Got Rid Of My Annoying Double Chin In Less Than 30 Days

Confession time… I spend waaay too much money on magazines with supermodel covers. Sometimes I even catch myself drooling over their perfect, razor sharp chins that could probably cut paper in half.

And I’m not talking about subscriptions for online publications either... I’m a sucker for the glossy relics, those old timey physical magazines my mom used to have lying around on our living room coffee table. 

My obsession with sculpted chins probably comes from my chubby teenage years.

I spent hours in front of the mirror, trying different ways to “suck in” my double chin, grabbing and pulling the skin on the sides and wondering just how much more attention I would get from the boys from my high school. 

Needles to say, I was never among the cool, skinny girls that were considered as the popular bunch... 

Years later I no longer feel as if I have to constantly prove my worth to others.

Even though my adolescent frustrations slowly went away, my stubborn double chin never left me.

I tried all the fad diets, face yoga’s, circular massages and exercises that I read about on trendy beauty blogs. Not only did the fat remain, it got even worse...

It really seemed like the only option left was an expensive plastic surgery that would cost me thousands of $$$...  

But then my friend Stacy told me about this much more affordable and noninvasive alternative...

4 weeks before the scheduled appointment with my soon-to-be plastic surgeon, I grabbed a coffee with my childhood best friend Stacy. 

After a while I started whining about my double chin struggles and how I tried everything to get rid of it. 

She stopped me mid sentence.

“Wait… Are you telling me you haven’t tried DermaV’s Slimming Mask yet?! It’s a life saver! I’ve ordered a bunch of them, I'll give one to you to try out!”

I’m not left with many options. I said I’ll give it a try.

What’s DermaV™️?

I’m no scientist but here’s how it works…

DermaV™️ is a V-shaped slimming mask that stimulates the reduction of fatty acid deposits. 

It also works to erase the appearance of fine lines by firming the chin and jawline area, which helps define your lower face.

It basically tightens and contours your skin to give you a slimmer appearance while reducing the signs of facial wrinkles and eliminating the dreaded double chin, yay!

It’s infused with naturally moisturizing botanicals, the DermaV™️ facial masks smooth rough, dry skin by repairing and stimulating cellular regeneration; leaving your skin to feel like spun silk!

How to use DermaV™️?

Step 1: Wash your face as you normally would and dry it with a clean towel.

Step 2: Open the DermaV™️ mask packaging, remove the protective film, and apply the gel side of the mask to your face, starting around the mouth and then working down to your chin, before attaching it behind your ears.

Step 3: Position the lower part of the mask at neck level and then hook it behind your ears.

Step 4: Using your fingertips, gently smooth the mask all over and then leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 5: Remove the mask, place it back in its package and keep it refrigerated to preserve the natural active ingredients.

Each mask can be reused 15 times! For best results, we recommend daily use for a minimum of 1 month.

My Experience Using DermaV™️

After 2 weeks of using DermaV I started seeing the first results, my double chin noticeably reduced.

The fast results blew me away so I ended up cancelling the surgeon’s appointment and ordered a couple for my younger sister.

For what it’s worth, I’m not the only one enjoying the results from DermaV™️, they have more than a thousand of 5-star reviews on their site!

In fact, 97% of users stated they saw noticeable results just after one use.

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Best thing of all? Try DermaV™️ and if you’re not entirely satisfied, you can return your purchase within 30 days. And if you’re like me, you will consider it the best money you’ve ever spent!

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