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DermaV Slimming Girdle (Limited Edition)
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ChloĂŠ B.

At first I was skeptical, so I bought it just to test it. But the results are great! It really remodelled the oval of my face in just a month. I keep it refrigerated to make it even more effective.


With the stressful health circumstances right now, I’m enjoying my at-home treatment. I put my mask on at the end of the day and it softens my skin and hydrates my face. This mask is great!

Kaitlyn V.

The mask hydrates me and tightens my skin, it refines my face, and it also works on my posture. I've gotten into the habit of holding myself better too! Great product!

Nathalie M.

It’s a very practical mask and it’s very soothing. I put it on and I can do other things at the same time in the evening. Effective and time saving!

Naomie P.

The packaging is very nice and it works well with my beauty routine. Thank you for this beautiful and good product.

Laure M.

After a long day at work, I relax with the mask on my face. In addition to the fresh, cool feeling, the mask really does reshape my chin. I recommend it 100%.

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